Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ride Tight With Hella Grip on Your Deck

Hella Grip | Elite Industries Scooters
For keeping your feet on spot while you are on your scooter, you need Hella grip. It is grip tape that holds feet in place like super glue, with the right grit and material to stand up to all the riding that your deck takes on and keep you riding on strong. With your feet right where you need them, you are able to do your best riding. The right grip tape will hold feet in place without wearing down the soles with too much friction. Weak grip tape lets your feet move too easily, and wears down fast. If you have tried others and found their weaknesses, step up to the grip tape that gets the job done and feels right.

Types of Tape

In sheets of five by 22 inches, the grip tape for the job is Hella Grip. The classic logo in white, blue and gold, green, black, yellow, red, and many more color choices, says it all for the deck of your scooter. Feet stay stuck in place and the deck looks right. The strength and grip that never gives up comes from the materials. Ultra heavy PVC liner that cuts well to fit your deck, but has waterproof, tear-resistant strength that lasts through a lot of hard riding. The silicon-carbide grit of the tape grips your soles to the deck while holding up its grit.

Apply & Ride

Simple to apply to a new or cleaned scooter deck, Hella Grip goes on easy. Lay a new sheet of grip tape grit side down on a table. Lay scooter, deck side down and neck extending off the table, on top of the grip tape. Trace around the deck with a marker. Carefully cut along the marked lines to get the size of the deck. With scooter upright on ground, fit grip tape over deck and begin peeling near the neck, a few inches of backing at a time. If necessary use a wallpaper roller to smooth out the tape as you go. Once it is applied, good grip tape will hold for a long time and give your feet the stability they need for the best riding.

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