Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best Places To Snowboard In The World

Snowboarding | Day Tripper Gear

If you want the best places to snowboard, there are many great options. Here are some of the top ones to consider:


The US is noted for having lots of good snowboarding options on either side of the country. In Vermont and New York, there is Killington and Whiteface, respectively. Out west, you will find the ever popular Breckenridge and Park City. Just make sure you avoid them during weekends and holidays, unless you want to spend a lot of time waiting in lines.

In Wyoming, you will find Jackson Hole. Alaska deserves a special note, because it is one of the top backcountry snowboarding locations on the planet. If you are tired of resorts, long lines and groomed trails, then Alaska is the place for you. There are many unexplored locations in this state that have never been snowboarded. If you are into untouched powder, then this is the place for you.


Canada has some of the top snowboarding anywhere on the planet, on both sides of the country. Whistler/Blackcomb is certainly one of the top places for snowboarder in the country, although you should also check out Silver and Apex. If you want incredible scenery, then try Banff in the Canadian Rockies.


The Swiss Alps are certainly one of the top places for backcountry snowboarding in the world. If groomed trails and comfortable lodging are more your thing, then you will find tons of great resorts in Italy and 

South America

Argentina and Chile both excellent locations to snowboard, due to their close proximity to the Andes. One of the great things about snowboarding in South America is the fact that its' seasons are opposite North America. Therefore, if you live up north and get the urge to snowboard in the warmer months, then South America is the place to go.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Von Zipper Brand of Sunglasses

Von Zipper Sunglasses

Sunglasses are forms of eyewear mainly designed to prevent a person's eyes from bright sunlight. There are many different brands of sunglasses, Von Zipper sunglasses being one of them. Nowadays, sunglasses have mainly been associated with celebrities as an item used to mask their identities. Without many people considering their uses, sunglasses have also been used by many as a fashion trend especially in the beaches. Sunglasses do not only have an aesthetic value, but they also have different health benefits that include:

• Improvement of visual well being and clarity. By protecting the eye from glare, sunglasses improve an individual's visual comfort. Some patients are normally advised to put on sunglasses after eye examinations in order to protect the eye from damage by sunlight.
• Protection of the eye. Sunglasses offer protection against light and both its invisible and visible components. If an eye is left exposed to direct sunlight the radiations of the sun may lead to various eye diseases.

Among the many brands of sunglasses in the market, the Von Zipper sunglasses are among the best. These sunglasses are made with quality materials that enable them to protect the eye effectively. The sunglasses also have splendid appearances that fit current fashion trends. The following are a few benefits of using this brand of sunglasses include; the use of high quality optical materials, the glasses are also made using the best technology; the brand provides different frames and lenses for different people with different lifestyles and production of designer sunglasses that fit all types of faces.

When it comes to pricing of the sunglasses, the prices of the sunglasses differ due to various reasons. Among the various factors that affect variation of prices include:

Materials used
Some glasses are made with quality raw materials that cost quite a lot of money. These sunglasses normally cost more than the others due to their expensive cost of production.

Brand of the glasses
Different companies have different brands for their items. Therefore, depending on the company they have been produced, different brands of sunglasses have different prices.

Von Zipper sunglasses are quite affordable and of high quality at the same time. Throughout the years, this brand of sunglasses has always been appreciated by customers due to the elegant sunglasses the company produces. The company has various models of sunglasses with the newest models being; toots, runaway, digby and gatti. The company offers free shipping services, thus a customer is able to order for a product and get it at his/her doorstep.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Staying Hydrated During Summer in California

Summers in California can be very unforgiving, as temperatures hit triple digits with regularity in areas across the state. Some people choose to spend hot summer days inside, and this spares them the harsh effects of the sun. However, others enjoy spending their summer days outside, and activities such as hiking, biking and swimming become even more popular from June to August, and beaches up and down the coast see a large increase in the number of visitors. While many people are aware that too much exposure to the heat and sun can cause problems such as sunburn, another common summer health concern, dehydration, is sometimes overlooked until it is too late.

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things people must do when spending time outdoors during the summer, as high temperatures and constant exposure to the sun can quickly sap a person’s moisture from their body. Most people are aware that spending time at hot or sunny locations, such as the beach or inland valleys, can cause dehydration to occur. But even at high altitudes where the heat is not as intense, the low humidity in the air and the thin atmosphere can quickly make a person dehydrated. So dehydration can happen quickly anywhere in California, even if the temperature is not in the 100s. It’s important to hydrate frequently during the summer – if someone is feeling thirsty, then they are already slightly dehydrated. While mild to moderate dehydration can simply be treated with fluids, severe dehydration is a serious issue that can require immediate medical care.

Staying hydrated seems simple enough, but it is an activity that requires constant attention. It is important to drink water and other fluids throughout the day, even when not feeling thirsty. An adult active during the hot hours of the day should drink approximately 100 ounces of water a day in order to stay properly hydrated, which equates to about six disposable 16.7-ounce water bottles. Buying disposable bottles can quickly add up and become costly, so refillable bottles, such a Camelbak water bottle, can be good investments for those who make a point of staying hydrated all day, and many reusable bottles are made to withstand the tumbles and falls associated with outdoor activities. Camelbak backpacks are another good option for bikers or runners on the move who do not want bottles bouncing around on their backs. The more active a person is throughout the day during summer, the more imperative it becomes for them to keep water with them at all times.
One of the easiest ways to prevent dehydration is preparation, and drinking enough fluids the previous day is one of the best ways to avoid problems with it. It is also helpful to remain aware of fluid intake, as it can be very easy to forget about drinking water during a busy summer day. However, it is one of the most important things one can remember to do during summer in California, as well-hydrated individuals enjoy their summer days much more than people who do not get enough water.
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

GoPro or Go Home

The rapid pace of technology is constantly correcting and improving upon itself, however this constant change would not be necessary if the product was done correctly the first time.  The GoPro has done just that, combining crisp video quality along with affordability as well as being easily portable making it the premiere line of video recorders available today.  Furthermore, the GoPro is meant to accommodate several different types of wear and tear by creating the camera to be water and shock proof.  At 3.3 oz, the GoPro can get you almost any angle you could ever want but is perhaps most efficient in that it can replay some of your greatest adventures literally from your point of view.  The GoPro HD Hero 2 with helmet attachment has a holder around 3 inches above your line of sight for the camera to be placed in which essentially re-creates the event from your perspective.

The first model of the GoPro was introduced in 2004 and ran on 35mm film that could only record 10 second clips, though it quickly progressed to 3 Megapixel cameras with a fixed lens that can broadcast in 1080p HD for better video quality.  As well the cameras can be interconnected to create a 3D visual effect.  Due to the versatility and quality of these cameras they have been adapted into several extreme sport circles including surfing, skiing, snowboarding, racing as well as several others.  October of last year marked the release of the GoPro HD Hero2 which was presented to the public as “twice as powerful in every way” and backs it up as this model as an image sensor up to 11 Megapixels as well as modified low-light capability and can capture as many as 120 frames per second.  Furthermore, there are three separate accessory packages to go along with the GoPro HD Hero2 and these are the Outdoor, Motorsports and Surf editions.
GoPro has extended past recreational use as in 2011 the camera was used to film parts of the blockbuster movie Slumdog Millionaire.  This was due to the CineForm 444 Codec software which, according to the individuals who used it, “makes HD and 3D editing faster and more convenient without sacrificing image quality” and will most likely be used to shoot several films in the near future.
However, the GoPro camera can be used for recreational purposes as well including social filming.  Whether you are on a once in a lifetime vacation or documenting a gathering or party of sorts, the portability and efficiency of the GoPro will help turn a great experience into an even better memory that can be shared and viewed forever.  Ultimately, at a ridiculously low price (compared to its competitors) and boasting outstanding 1080p HD video quality, the GoPro is the premiere video recording option for essentially all situations.
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Surfing -- Hobby or a Way of Life?

Surfing | Fox Clothing

The extreme sport of surfing was first observed by British explorers in the mid 18th century, when Captain James Cook of the HMS Endeavour encountered a group of Polynesians lying on their stomachs on top of what appeared to be tree bark as ocean waves swiftly carried them from sea to shore. Captain Cook did not realize at the time that what he was observing was called “surfing”, nor should it be assumed that this activity had not been going on for hundreds of years prior to the HMS Endeavour’s trip to the South Pacific. It is reasonable to conclude that surfing has most likely been a form of recreation since humans first swam in the ocean. The use of any type of “board” could likely have evolved from just plain “body-surfing”, which plenty of ocean lovers, take part in to this day. However, perhaps Captain Cook’s early observations are significant to the extent that this sport called surfing has indeed evolved into an exciting and thrilling hobby for some, and even a proverbial way of life for many others.

Surfers around the globe have become infatuated with riding waves and the generalized feeling of peace and well-being that this sport seems to promote to those who participate in only a way that they themselves can describe. Whether a surfing enthusiast is riding one of the giant waves off the northwest shores of Hawaii, or waiting for a freighter in the Gulf of Mexico to stir up a few smaller waves off the east coast of Texas, one thing all surfers agree upon is the concept of “the stoke”. Surfing has taken on a lexicon of its own over the years, and the term “stoke” is used to describe a feeling of both anxiety and elation in achieving an exhilarating ride on nature’s waves; all while coming to a place of self-actualization of being one with nature; the air, the wind, the water, and the coastline. This feeling or sensation appears to be addicting, as thousands of surf enthusiasts have either found a way to incorporate surfing into their daily routines, or in more extreme cases, surfing legends have carved a name for themselves within this tight-knit subculture of people who travel the world in search of the perfect wave, or at least the feeling of being “stoked”.

Surfing, for all of its inherent thrills, is, as mentioned above, an extreme sport. This means that surfing can be dangerous, much like auto racing, rock climbing, and sky diving. Thus, it is imperative that a surfer be aware of his or her surroundings, the weather conditions for a particular day, tidal variations, as well as ocean currents. Surfers, even the most skilled, have in fact lost their lives while surfing, which undoubtedly contributes to the mystique and feeling of exhilaration when paddling out to sea in the hopes of catching an unforgettable wave. True surfers, though, are fearless and in some form of acceptance that the sport that they not only love, but need to live, can indeed be dangerous. 

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Monday, June 18, 2012

A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Skydiving | GoPro HD Hero 2 | Go Pro Camera

Skydiving, or parachuting, refers to the act of falling out of an aircraft back down to earth with the help of gravity.  The parachute aids in slowing the individual(s) down during the last part of the dive.  It is an extreme hobby that is growing very popular as a recreational activity and as well is a professional sport.  Furthermore, skydiving is used for the transportation and deployment of air forces and is sometimes used to fight forest fires.  There is a plethora of ways to go about parachuting including by yourself, in a tandem or in several complex patterns often referred to as “hybrid” formations.  Fatalities are rare in this hobby with a failure rate of approximately (0.0007%).

Camera flying is a common way to go about the parachuting experience which involves at least one member of the skydiving group to be recording with a camera during the descent.  This genre of free-falling has progressed along with technology due to the invention of the GoPro camera.  The GoPro is a miniature camera with great resolution that has various sturdy attachments to articles such as vests and helmets in an attempt to emulate the point of view experience when replayed and is the only way to re-create the vantage point of a real skydive.

The history of skydiving began with Andre-Jacques Garnerin, who first successfully jumped from a hot-air balloon in 1797.  The United States military later developed detailed parachute design as a way to save a crew on board of a craft in danger and later to deliver soldiers to the battle field.  Parachuting became an international sport in 1952 after its popularity began to grow in the early 1930’s.

The physics behind a jump begin at the height of the free fall which typically ranges from one to four thousand meters.  The diver continues forward as well as down due to momentum and gravitational pull and usually hits a terminal velocity of 120 miles per hour for normal descents and 150 miles per hour for a head first dive.

Alternative forms of skydiving include base jumping which is a more perfected version of parachuting.  The equipment for these types are more advanced as well, including wing suits and sky surfing which have higher risk rates due to the slower velocity and lower altitudes of the aircraft being exited. 

Safety is a key component of skydiving and excluding freak accidents should have each dive go as planned.  As long as the individual participating observes the basic principles that each skydiver follows a wonderful memory should ensue.  The view from 10,000 feet above the ground is one that not many can share, but that skydivers can attempt to articulate.  The stark beauty of God’s green earth can only truly be appreciated at such heights and through that perspective.  Before you know that gorgeous view greets you on solid ground and you have a memory that will stay with you forever.
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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Golden State’s Most Spectacular Hike

Half Dome | Camelbak Water Bottle

California is blessed with some of the best hiking in the country, and there are thousands of miles of trails that can keep even the most adventurous hiker busy for a lifetime. But for those of you looking for the best day hike in the state, my choice is the hike from Yosemite Valley to the top of Half Dome. There are some awesome views in the Golden State, but this might be the best of the bunch.

Yosemite National Park is one of the most spectacular places on earth, and there might not be a more breathtaking view of the valley than from the summit of the park’s most recognizable landmark. In fact, the route has become so popular that it’s required that you apply for a permit months before you plan on making the hike.

The hike to the top of Half Dome is approximately 16 miles long, and the elevation gain is close to 5,000 feet, so it’s not an easy hike by any stretch of the imagination. And the 400-foot climb up the steep cables to the summit will test the nerve of even the most daring adventurer.

It’s only a day hike, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be well prepared for it. Here are a couple hints that should help you reach the top in good shape and good spirits.

One of the most important things to remember on the hike is to wear proper footwear. It makes a world of difference when you are on your feet for upwards of 10 hours. Most of the footing is pretty good, so support isn’t critical, but there are points that it comes in handy. And the ascent up the cables is slick in places, so having a shoe with good traction will give you that added dose of confidence and peace of mind. Bringing your own pair of gloves is also a wise decision, because the collection at the base of the cables is haphazard and often runs out.

It’s absolutely imperative that you bring enough water for the journey, as the summer sun and high altitude will dehydrate you very quickly. There’s no potable water past the Vernal Falls Bridge, which is only 0.8 miles into the hike, so you’ll have to carry a lot of water if you want to finish the trip. Camelbak Water Bottle's are a great choice. Half Dome is not the time to see how long you can go without any water.

You don’t want to carry a ton of food with you on the hike, but it’s definitely a nice pick-me-up to have along the way. It’s a great feeling to be able to catch your breath once you have reached the summit, and munch on something that will give you energy for the hike back. After all, you’re only halfway done once you’ve made it to the top.

It may not be the longest hike in California, or the most physically challenging. But for the experienced hiker, the trip up to the top of Half Dome is one that you have to make at least once in your lifetime.
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