Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Preserving Memories with an Events Aerial Video

Photographers and videographers are a common presence at events such as parties, weddings, and sporting competitions. People find it important to preserve the memories of these occasions, and there is no limit to the precious nature of these images and recordings. Adding to their indispensable value, events aerial video production supplies a distinctive element in the preservation of a notable occasion.

Rather than offering a standard ground level viewpoint, this type of video production raises the camera to greater heights. With the help of a specialized aircraft, a company can shoot video from a variety of altitudes. As a result, an assortment of camera angles can be utilized, and the final product is a recording of exceptional quality.

Depending on the nature of the occasion, a production of this type can add an emotional element to what is being documented. Competitive races, for example, are highly appropriate for this service because the high angles that are used increase the exhilaration of the proceedings. Many people want to relive the events that they captured on video, and now they can be given an easy way to experience the emotions they felt in that particular moment.

This holds true for other types of remembrances as well. Most people view their wedding as one of the happiest days of their lives. Rather than offering exhilaration, an events aerial video can allow a person to witness a more fully realized memory of his or her marriage. The diverse camera angles successfully capture and preserve the atmosphere of that day.

Traditional video recordings provide a singular and intimate viewpoint of certain event. They are valuable memories, but they cannot always convey the general atmosphere or emotions of an occasion. Not only does events aerial video production use distinctive angles, it provides a person with greater immediacy to a particular remembrance. The exhilaration of a sporting competition and the joy of a marriage can be captured and relived countless times as a result of this innovative tool.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ride Tight With Hella Grip on Your Deck

Hella Grip | Elite Industries Scooters
For keeping your feet on spot while you are on your scooter, you need Hella grip. It is grip tape that holds feet in place like super glue, with the right grit and material to stand up to all the riding that your deck takes on and keep you riding on strong. With your feet right where you need them, you are able to do your best riding. The right grip tape will hold feet in place without wearing down the soles with too much friction. Weak grip tape lets your feet move too easily, and wears down fast. If you have tried others and found their weaknesses, step up to the grip tape that gets the job done and feels right.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Envy Scooters Offer Unique Design Features and Top-Quality Materials

Envy Scooters is an Australian company that specializes in creating high-performance parts as well as complete scooter packages. Previously known as Blunt Envy or Blunt Scooters, this company prides itself on designing most of its parts in-house with the support of staff with industry experience and first-hand knowledge of skating, scooting, and biking. Envy Scooters offers a number of unique design features, including extra-wide decks, metal-core wheels made from an advanced-formula polyurethane, and an Integrated Headset Compression (IHC) system that provides a threadless fork that can accommodate standard-sized bars.

Extra Wide Decks

Envy's extra-wide decks are made from the same high-performance chromoly ("Chro-mo") and aluminum metals used in professional-grade BMX bikes. Wide decks give riders plenty of room to get a comfortable stance and good grip that can make riding easier and tricks smoother.

High-Performance Polyurethane

Envy also offers metal core wheels that are fully compatible with forks and decks from other manufacturers. These wheels are composed of a proprietary urethane compound that provides extra grip and durability.

Internal Compression Fork

Envy has developed a threadless compression system in which a narrow fork column allows standard-sized bars to fit onto the compression shim. While many scooters still employ threaded forks, compression systems offer a stronger fit that will not become wobbly over time. Threaded systems are prone to loosen as the scooter is used, requiring the rider to make frequent adjustments in order to maintain optimal stability. Envy's uses a system known as an Integrated Headset Compression, or IHC. This system differs from other threadless designs, such as Hidden Internal Compression System (HIC), in that it do not require the use of oversized bars. This is a unique advantage for riders who would rather avoid oversized bars that can add extra weight and interfere with free movement.

Whether you are a serious hobbyist or a seasoned professional, Envy Scooters offers a few unique design features for those looking to get just the right balance of equipment for a perfect ride.